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  • 6 Ways to Determine Your Preferred Skills
    A colleague and I who share a skillset in sales were recently lamenting how we both hate cold calling – despite the fact that we’re both good at it.  She referred to this activity as soul sucking. 😂 We agreed that cold calling sucks the most when NOT combined with skills that are more fulfilling. The … Read more
  • The Cheddar on the Mousetrap
    In The Coaching Habit, author Michael Stanier uses the metaphor of cheddar on a mousetrap to illustrate what it’s like when someone asks you, “What do you think I should do about… ?“ The cheddar is alluring and hard to resist.  In coaching, one of the biggest challenges is NOT fall into this advice trap. … Read more
  • 8 Tips for Laid Off Workers & for Those Who Fear It
    In reading, “Layoffs fueling summer of angst”, it reminded me of some best practices for those recently laid off and for those considering leaving their employer for FEAR of a future layoff. I’ve been laid off twice in my career, and it’s not a fun experience.  Your mind can play tricks on you.   You may … Read more
  • 6 P’s to Prepare for Your Next Interview
    Preparation is key before interviewing for a job, but how should you go about it?  Refer to the following six areas to get you started. People:  Find out the names ahead of time of everyone interviewing you and research them online.  Best practice is to start with LinkedIn, but they may not have a profile.  … Read more
  • We Have Many Passions!
    I’m working with clients in two different stages: one early career and one late career.  They are both trying to determine their next step for their careers. In discussing early career challenges with a colleague, she reminded me of a great book, Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. One of my favorite … Read more
  • You Are in Control of Your Career
    A client recently found a new job after being out of work for three months. Knowing that she wanted to leave her former employer, she hired me as her coach last September. It always brings me great joy when a client achieves their career goal, which is often a job change. During our last session, … Read more
  • Explore vs. Hunt: How to Overcome the Fear of Networking
    I asked a career change client last week how he felt about reaching out to contacts whom he didn’t know.  He responded, “Cold opens are hard for me.”  He was not comfortable with this process and commented that he wasn’t a “hunter”. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand how others struggle with the networking part of … Read more
  • 7 Ways to a More Productive Job Search
    A client recently asked me, “how do I plan my days so that I’m more productive and more motivated with my job search?”  Sound familiar?  This can be especially challenging if you have a lot of available time.  I suggested the following seven strategies to help structure her week and to move forward with her … Read more
  • When Managing Career Stress, Keep Your Emotions in Check.
    Are you in the midst of a career change or job search? If so, what is your emotional state? Are you in the Red Zone or Blue Zone? I learned about the Red Zone/Blue Zone through The Academies Certified Career Management Coach program. In simplest terms, this concept refers to how we respond when our … Read more
  • Your Top Values, a Compass for Life
    “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”  Roy E. Disney Roy was the business mind behind Walt’s creativity, and he knew the importance of values. What happens when you DON’T know what your values are when making career choices?  You drift.  You chase.  You react.  Your choices are not … Read more
  • 6 Tips for Job Seekers Inspired by Election
    While researching candidates for the elections last week, I couldn’t help notice the parallels between candidates “selling themselves” to voters and job seekers “selling themselves” to employers. The language that job seekers use in resumes and interviews can help them stand out from the competition and help create their personal brand.  Here are some tips … Read more
  • Why The First Penguin? Because it’s About Taking Risks with Your Career.
    Earlier this year, I was working with a SCORE mentor who asked, “What does the first penguin have to do with career coaching?”  It caused me to reflect on my personal branding and to question if I had chosen poorly in naming my business.  Many coaches and consultants incorporate their name within their business, and … Read more
  • Interviewing for a Newly Created Position? Here are 5 things to consider
    Before getting married, a friend advised, “Before you say yes, your eyes should be wide open.  After you say yes, they should be half shut”. This wisdom can also be applied to the job search.  Most people aren’t going to commit their entire life to the same company.  However, doing thorough research before you say … Read more
  • Goal Setting Strategies for the New Year
    I’ve always enjoyed setting goals but attending a Franklin Planner seminar a while back really ignited my passion for it.  This company offered a training after purchasing one of their high quality planners which taught me the ABC system of prioritizing.  This and many other strategies have helped me to stay organized and to remain … Read more
  • Why “Networking” should be changed to “Friend-working” & 5 Ways To Get Better at it.
    During a Zoom class for my career coaching certification, the instructor asked, “Does anyone enjoy the networking process?”  In a class full of career professionals, I was the only student to respond yes.  At the time, I assumed that this was because of my background in sales and marketing.  However, I think that the real … Read more
  • 4 Time Management Tips for Your Job Search
    When you’re looking for a new job, time management is an important skill that will help you achieve your goals quicker.  Setting goals first and prioritizing them (see January article in Featured section) will help determine how you use spend your days.  If you’re unemployed, your days should be filled with a variety of job … Read more