6 Tips for Job Seekers Inspired by Election

While researching candidates for the elections last week, I couldn’t help notice the parallels between candidates “selling themselves” to voters and job seekers “selling themselves” to employers.

The language that job seekers use in resumes and interviews can help them stand out from the competition and help create their personal brand.  Here are some tips to consider:

Use numbers to write accomplishment based statements in your resume:

Others “have evaluated my performance among the top half of the judges in our court, including being among the top three in 2019 and 2021.”

Give employers confidence that you will hit the ground running on day one:

“While there is always something new to learn, I am confident that if elected, I will be prepared to take the bench on day one.”

Mention your soft skills: 

“I work hard, from a place of collaboration and listening.”

Tell potential employers your “why”…  What motivates you to do this work:

“These matters resonate with my past life experiences. Be it professionally, personally or spiritually, hardship and perseverance have been the twins of my life.”

Educate your audience:

“A common symbol of the judicial system is Lady Justice, blindfolded and often holding a set of scales. She is not blind to the facts of a case, but only to the factors that should not be weighed in determining how to decide the result of a case.”

Put a positive spin on your lack of experience:

“I will be a first-time City Council Representative and will bring a new perspective to the role.”

Disclaimer:  I am not endorsing any candidates but chose wording that would be helpful to job seekers.  This is strictly for educational and entertainment purposes.

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