"When my supervisor initially suggested that I consider the coaching engagement, I wasn't sure what to expect. I chose Gina because I found her easy to talk to and felt she really listened and asked thoughtful questions right from the first meeting. The overall goal of our engagement was to build my confidence and ability to participate as a leader in my role. Shortly after we started our coaching engagement, our team faced a great challenge of getting through a couple months without my supervisor, a key member of our team. We had just added a new team member in March and were launching a new program, a lot to manage and big shoes to fill. Though our director was incredible in stepping in to cover some of the higher-level responsibilities for my supervisor, it was up to me to step up and cover day to day meetings, relationships, and training our new team member. I leaned on Gina during this time as a source of guidance and processing my thoughts into actions as I was missing a key mentor in the office. Through our coaching sessions, I found a new inner voice of encouragement and confidence that has made me more effective. As a young-ish woman in my field, it can be difficult to build trust with someone and to be vulnerable enough to let someone help. I would highly recommend her to others."
PJ, M.
I had an excellent experience working with Gina Studer of First Penguin Coaching. She asks thought provoking questions to encourage self reflection and to help you uncover your potential paths and opportunities. She has a genuine interest in getting to know her clients and helping them achieve their goals. I highly recommend Gina!
Amy N.
I was very impressed with Gina's coaching. She is a true professional and very knowledgeable in her field. I found her to be insightful, unbiased and most of all, a great listener! Her career coaching process provided me with the tools and guidance to learn more about myself personally in terms of what is important to me and how that translates into a career. If you are looking towards a career change, I would highly recommend Gina Studer and First Penguin Coaching!
James B.
"Over the past several years I’ve been discerning my next career steps as, indeed, I have achieved all that I had hoped in my current work life. I enlisted the help of Gina with First Penguin, which expediently led me to the epiphany of my next career path. After several years of trying to discern and understand this on my own and after working with Gina for only one month she was able to guide me to my current understanding. Isn’t it amazing how an objective “outsider” that doesn’t know you can help you to know yourself…and so quickly! I enthusiastically recommend Gina to help you to discover your gifts, talents, and all your career possibilities. Not to mention for her “Super-Power” of networking!"
Lisa R.
"One of the best recent decision's I've made was choosing Gina to be my career coach. Gina's in-depth and personal understanding of the job search experience enables her to bring respect, positivity, support and focus to her clients. I felt that Gina brought all of herself to each session. Her attention, her observations, her thought provoking questions and recommendations, her gentle prodding and creative ideas, her many resources along with her fun spirit and kind encouragement provided a safe space to navigate the job-hunt arena. There were always take-aways from each session and in-between sessions she would send ideas or resources and entertain questions. While working with her, I always felt she had my back and best interest in mind. I heartily, and without reservation, recommend Gina as a career coach! "
Mark H.
I would absolutely recommend Gina to anyone in search of exploring a new career path or pivot. She spent time with me to listen to my concerns and questions, and offered helpful advice. She worked with me to identify my personal values and also my skillsets that I wanted to use in my next endeavor. This was extremely beneficial when interviewing for my next role, as it allowed me to be mindful of what I wanted and also helped me ask targeted questions to determine whether it was a mutual fit. I 100% recommend scheduling an intro call with Gina to learn more about how she can help you with your journey.

Gina's guidance was tailored specifically towards my wants and needs, and she was genuine in her approach - not a cookie cutter approach that you might get with other career coaching professionals. Additionally, Gina has access to numerous resources that proved to help me in my journey.
Josh B.
"Gina listened well and clearly understood my problems & questions. She proposed three different approaches and we discussed the plusses and minuses of each approach. Her feedback was extremely useful and I am confident that I have a solid strategy going forward. I will definitively contact her again if I want more help or advice. "
Dennis R.
A friend suggested I invest in myself and engage a professional who could assist me with moving to a new position. From the moment we first spoke, I felt a connection with Gina's style and was impressed by her offerings. Her approach is holistic, and includes various assessments to help you explore your strengths and consider not just the next job, but what may bring you joy.
Gina has a gentle style along with a passion for coaching. She connected with me as a person and quickly provided tools and information that aligned with my needs. Working outside of our sessions, she forwarded information to read and prepare for our discussions. She listens intently and asks excellent question to help you challenge yourself to move from comfort zone to new possibilities. We set goals for each session and at the conclusion of the session she took time to reflect on both our progress on these goals, key takeaways and discuss next steps.
Gina helped me in every step of the job searching process and has recently been invaluable in the negotiation process. I am happy to say I have landed an exciting opportunity and know that her help has made a difference in preparedness and confidence to be the best candidate. I have learned a lot about the world of job hunting and a lot about myself. Working with Gina has been a pleasure and has made an impact on me personally and professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone going through career changes. Having someone to rely on with a wealth of tools and experience has made a huge difference. I highly recommend investing in yourself to partner with an expert. You will not be disappointed and will gain a lot from the experience. Thank you to Gina for her steadfast support and for being in my corner. It has been a great experience and a connection I will call on again.
Judy S.
"I love Gina's upbeat demeanor. She is very personable and friendly. Furthermore, she listens to me and provides excellent feedback along with actionable items. When I feel uncertain about specific interview questions or aspects of my job search, she offers clear and concise advice. I recommend her! "
Liz G.
"First Penguin Coaching was a tremendous asset in my recent career transition. Gina assisted in my job search strategy, and helped me uncover my career path while instilling confidence throughout the process. Providing a wealth of knowledge about the process in general, Gina is very connected, has excellent networking skills, and helps clients stand out from other candidates."
Erin L.
"Gina was a tremendous coaching resource for my recent career pivot. She provided a very insightful skills assessment allowing me to more effectively narrow my focus on areas of both interest and strength. Her patience and calm demeanor throughout the process of evaluating the results and asking probing questions relieved much of the overwhelm that I was experiencing. Ultimately, this led to more clarity for my search. "
Patti M.
"The good coach watches the playing field, studies the opposition, and determines the best strategy for success. However, the good coach also knows that what wins the game is the motivation and heart of the players. The good coach is both a planner and an encourager - putting her best forward and inspiring the best in each of her players. THIS is Gina! Thanks so much, Coach! Gina is an intelligent and insightful coach. She genuinely cares about you, and works diligently to help you see and overcome obstacles to your career goals. She listens with empathy, but also challenges you where you need to grow or stretch. Yet, she also demonstrates humility and flexibility, ready to move with you through any twists and turns in your journey."
Katie D.
"I highly recommend Gina to anyone looking for career guidance, especially those looking to make a change. I was more or less lost trying to figure out the next steps to my career when I started working with Gina, but she quickly helped me gather my thoughts and proceed with a solid, clear plan. Her coaching was a tremendous asset not only during the job search, but also in preparation for my first weeks on the new job and beyond. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I can't say enough about the hard-work and talent she brings to coaching and career development!"
Nathan B.
"For 2 years or more I had been wondering "what's my next?". My heart wasn't singing anymore with the work that I was doing, but I felt powerless to make a change. I needed help exploring possibilities and getting clarity on how to move forward. Gina helped me do just that! I highly recommend her services!"
Marcy G.