You Are in Control of Your Career

A client recently found a new job after being out of work for three months.

Knowing that she wanted to leave her former employer, she hired me as her coach last September.

It always brings me great joy when a client achieves their career goal, which is often a job change.

During our last session, she shared that she still wanted to continue coaching with me.

She doesn’t want to lose sight of her long-term career goal which involves moving across the country.

She further explained that she gets so focused on performance for her employer that she forgets what’s most important for her career in the long run…

It reminded me of an important lesson:  YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR CAREER

Whether you are seeking a promotion, an advanced degree, a career change, or a city relocation,

YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  You are in the driver seat.

Sure, there may be roadblocks along your career journey, but YOU CHOOSE how to navigate them.

Or, as colleague shared candidly during a discussion about employees who aren’t happy in their current role:  “You have two options:  Get out or Fix it.  Option 3, which is stay and be miserable, really isn’t an option”.

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