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Everyone has different needs, so First Penguin Coaching engagements are customized depending on the goals of the organization or the individual.  During the FREE discovery session, we will discuss your goals, different coaching options, and how coaching can move you or your organization forward with these goals.  Please for my specialty areas listed below. 

Depending on the length of our engagement, we can accomplish some or more of the following items:

  • Clarify next steps and your vision for a meaningful career.
  • Determine attainable goals and action steps between sessions.
  • Create awareness of career possibilities and narrow the focus on which paths to pursue.
  • Identify strengths, skills, values, interests, and areas for development.
  • Challenge limiting beliefs and false assumptions about your abilities or circumstances.   
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Whether you are making a complete career change, a pivot, or you’re wanting to advance in your current role,  we’ll work together in an intentional way so that you can achieve clarity for your next move.  Serving as an objective outsider, you’ll gain an accountability partner who will empower you to take action.

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If you’re a business owner or a  leader who cares about your employees future, First Penguin Coaching can support them as they transition to the next chapter in their careers. This includes assisting outplaced individuals with career discovery and the job search process.  

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You want to invest in your employees professional and skill development and to ensure that they have the tools to succeed.  Providing your people with career pathways can encourage retention whether they are on the leadership route or wanting to excel in their individual contributor role.  Let’s talk about how First Penguin Coaching can impact your organization through career pathing and professional development.  

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“The information I learned from Gina’s speech has had a lasting impact. She’s able to take all of her experience and knowledge and apply it to your situation in such a unique way that you’re inevitably better for it.  When Gina speaks, she’s carefully selected the material and is able to disseminate the information.  A tremendous speaker, she excels at getting audience engagement.”  B. H.


I’ve created content on a variety of career and professional development topics for in person or virtual presentations.   Attendees walk away with practical information, resources, and new perspectives that they can take action on immediately. 


Identify Your Top 6 Values to Begin the Career Exploration Process!

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