When Managing Career Stress, Keep Your Emotions in Check.

Are you in the midst of a career change or job search?

If so, what is your emotional state?

Are you in the Red Zone or Blue Zone?

I learned about the Red Zone/Blue Zone through The Academies Certified Career Management Coach program.

In simplest terms, this concept refers to how we respond when our brains encounter stressful situations.

When you’re in the red zone, you are in a state of fight, flight, or freeze.

When you’re in the blue zone, you are in a state of calm, confidence, and possibility.

Prior to an interview or an important meeting, what’s your emotional state?

Do you sometimes get into the Red Zone?

If so, here are some suggestions to move you into the Blue Zone:

👉Do breathing exercises.  This works but you have to slow down and to really focus on your breathing.

👉Read affirmations about yourself: your strengths, your gifts, and what others have said positively about you.

👉Pray. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, it can help to hand your worries over to a higher power.

👉Review your goals and visualize your “end in mind”.  Where are you moving towards?

What methods do you use to get into the Blue Zone?

If you want to learn how career coaching can help you manage your emotional state during career related stress, schedule a time to talk with me.